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Verizon Wireless Logo 125x125Verizon is the most reliable cell phone network in the nation and has the most coverage of any network. If you can’t get a signal with Verizon, then cell phones don’t work in your area. (Straight Talk uses the Verizon network, too.)

Verizon Wireless has recently modified its prepaid plans, lowered pricing, and now even offers a competitively priced unlimited minutes plan (due mainly to competition in the marketplace). Most of their prepaid plans include unlimited mobile to mobile (calling another Verizon customer).

Unlimited Minutes Plan
This plan applies only to their basic phones. You gat unlimited talk, text and web access for $50. It’s very much like every other unlimited minutes plan on the market.

Unlimited Smartphone Plans
Verizon offers unlimited monthly plans for Smartphones. Their $60 smartphone plan provides unlimited talk and text along with  500MB of high speed data. Their $70 unlimited plan provides the same with 2GB of data.

Daily Plan
Verizon calls its daily plan “Pay As You Go” plan, but it is far from a traditional pay as you go. It is in fact exactly like the daily plan offered by other wireless providers (much like AT&T’s daily plan). For $1.99 a day, you get unlimited talk for that day. If you don’t use your phone, you don’t get charged the $1.99. So you’ll pay a maximum of about $60 if you use your phone every day. Texts cost an extra 2 cents each. In order to use this type of plan you have to set up an account.

Hidden Fees
Here’s the gotcha… To activate the phone it costs $35 (it’s free if you do it online.) They also have what’s called “Refill Expiration.” Here’s what the website says: “Any balance remaining at expiration will be removed from the account.” If you carry a balance in your account, for example extra money you put in there to cover future fees, the balance expires after a certain amount of time. That means your balance disappears.

Website: Visist the Verizon website.

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