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How much will 200 minutes a month cost you?
Since the average cell phone customer uses about 450 minutes per month, we chose 200 minutes per month as an amount that an infrequent cell phone user might require. This was the hardest level of minutes to review. At this level of usage there is quite a variation in how companies offer their minutes. For example, the lowest number of minutes Straight Talk offers is 1000 minutes. Check the notes below since there are a lot of variations in how companies offer minutes at this level.

Cell Phone Plans Monthly Cost Notes
AT&T $20.00 a
Boost Mobile $40.00 b
Kajeet $24.99 c
MetroPCS $40.00 d
NET10 $15.00
Straight Talk $30.00 f
T-Mobile $30.00 g
TracFone $39.99 h
US Cellular $20.00 i
Verizon Prepaid $44.99 j
Virgin Mobile $20 k

PlatinumTel is the winner at the 200 minute level. They sell a 200 minute card for $10 .

Visit the PlatinumTel website to check out their phones and plans.

a. AT&T charges 10 cents per minute.
b. Boost Mobile charges 20 cents per minute.
c. 300 minute card.
d. MetroPCS only offers an unlimited minutes plan.
e. 200 mintues. PlatinumTel has a flat rate of 5 cents per mintue. This is their $10 card. The next card they offer is a $20 card (400 mintues.) Texts and data usage are extra.
f. Straight Talk only offers a 1000 minute plan and an unlimited plan.
g. 160 minute card for $30, 400 minute card for $50.
h. 200 mintue card.
i. Ten cents per minute. Note that US Cellular has a $50 one time activation fee.
j. Verizon has a 450 minute prepaid plan.
k. Virgin PayLo 400 minutes.

PTEL Mobile $40 Unlimited Everything

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