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straight talk prepaid serviceStraight Talk is a simple and cheap cell phone plan. Straight Talk is trademark of Tracfone and is offered online and at Walmart retail locations.

They offer three plans:

1) 1000 minutes/texts/web for $30 per month or

2) Unlimited minutes/text/web for $45 a month.

3) Unlimited minutes/text/web and Unlimited International calls for $60 a month.

You can mix and match plans to suit your monthly usage. For example, if you typically use the 1000 minute plan and anticipate using more minutes next month, you could purchase an unlimited plan and then go back to using the cheaper 1000 minutes plan the following month.

They also offer the option of automatic refills with a credit card.

Networks and Coverage:
Straight Talk uses a variety of cell phone networks and technologies. The network you use is dependent on the cell phone that you purchase. Their primary network is Verizon (CDMA), but they also use Sprint (CDMA), AT&T (GSM), and T-Mobile (GSM).

Ideally you will want to purchase a phone that works on Verizon’s network since they offer the best coverage in the country.

How to tell which network your Straight Talk phone uses:

  1. Phone models ending in “C” use Verizon
  2. Phone models ending in “G” use either T-Mobile or AT&T
  3. All Nokia phones are AT&T
  4. Most Android phones use Sprint
  5. A few Android phones use Verizon. The box will have a red map with the phrase “Nationwide Coverage on America’s Most Reliable Network”.

Opinion: Straight Talk is the best all around prepaid cell phone plan available. While other plans are slightly cheaper, Straight Talk’s coverage is the best in the nation (if you purchase a Verizon based phone).

Website: Visit the Straight Talk website

Current promotions and deals from Straight Talk:

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