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What is the best unlimited plan? Many prepaid cell phone providers are now offering 30 day unlimited minutes plans. The plans typically offer unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited web access for 30 days.

Unlimited minutes plans are ideal for cell phone power users – those people that use more than 1000 minutes a month. Many times these plans are far cheaper than traditional contract plans that might only offer 500 minutes. Here are two of the cheapest unlimited airtime plans that I consider “the best”.


MetroPCS offers the cheapest unlimited prepaid plan in the industry at $40. The drawback to MetroPCS is their coverage. As the name implies, MetroPCS was designed for metropolitan areas and large cities. The coverage does not extend out into rural areas. If you live in a large city and don’t plan to use your cell phone outside of metropolitan areas, then the MetroPCS unlimited plan is the best for you. Check out the MetroPCS website at

Straight Talk

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Straight Talk’s unlimited prepaid cell phone plan is $45. It’s the second cheapest unlimited prepaid plan in the country. While it is slightly more expensive than MetroPCS, the coverage is far superior. Straight Talk uses the Verizon network which has the best coverage of any cell phone network in the country. Your Straight Talk phone will work virtually everywhere. If you plan to use your phone in rural areas then Straight Talk’s unlimited plan is the best for you. Check out the Straight Talk website at

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