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NET10 Nationwide CoverageWhen NET10 started, they only offered straight 10 cent per minute cards (hence the name Net10.) They have recently started offering more options.

Pay As You Go
The base cards are $20 (200 minutes) and $30 (300 minutes.) They also offer 600, 900, and 1500 minute cards. The airtime on these cards expires from 30 to 180 days depending on the card.

Monthly Plans
Another option NET10 offers is their 30 day cards. These plans are similar to Straight Talk in the sense that you refill your airtime at the end of 30 days or whenever you use up the minutes, whichever comes first.

They have a 200 minute option for $15 and a 500 minute option for $30. These two cards allow you to carry over unused minutes to the next month. They also offer a 750 minute plan for $25 which is obviously a much better deal than their 500 minute/$30 card, but the minutes do not carry over to the next month. The first two plans would be good if you use just a handful of minutes a month.

Net10 also offers an unlimited plan for $50 per month which provides unlimited domestic calls and text. Their unlimited international plan costs $65. They offer a discount If you enroll in their auto-refill program (you register your credit card information with them.) The discount for the auto-refill program is $45 for unlimited domestic calls and $60 unlimited international.

Family Plans
Net10 is one of the few prepaid cell phone companies that offers discounts for adding additional phones to your plan. Their family plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $50 a month (for one line.) They discount $10 per additional line, so adding another phone will cost $90 a month.

Opinion: Net10 offers prepaid plans that are very similar to many other plans in the industry. The one plan that sets them apart is the 30 day, 750 minute card for $25. If you use less than 750 minutes a month, then this is the plan you want to go with. If you use between 750 and 1000 minutes per month, then go with Straight Talk’s 1000 minute $30 card.

Website: Visit the Net10 website.

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