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How much will 1000 minutes a month cost me?
Since most cell phone customers use about 450 minutes per month, we chose 1000 minutes per month as an amount that a heavy cell phone user might require. Most cell phone companies offer a 1000 minute card. If you need more than 1000 minutes of airtime per month, then an unlimited prepaid plan would work better for you.

Note that some of these plans are very expensive at the 1000 minute level, but the same companies offer an unlimited plan that is much cheaper (like AT&T and Boost). You might be tempted to just get an unlimited minutes plan from one of these companies, but in my opinion why bother with the extra minutes and cost. There are four different companies that offer 1000 minutes for $30 (see below). Many of these companies, like Straight Talk, allow you to switch between plans on a month to month basis, so if you actually do need more minutes one month you can simply buy an unlimited card for the extra minutes.

Cell Phone Plans Monthly Cost Notes
AT&T $100.00 a
Boost Mobile $200.00 b
Kajeet N/A c
MetroPCS $40.00 d
NET10 $60.00 e
PlatinumTel $50.00 f
TracFone $189.99 h
US Cellular $100.00 i
Verizon Prepaid $84.99 j

There’s a three way tie for the winner of the 1000 minute level. You can get 1000 minutes of airtime for $30 a month from these 3 prepaid cell phone companies:

A note on texting with these three plans: Straight Talk plans come with 1000 texts included. T-Mobile does not include ANY texts (their $30 card offers any combination of minutes or messages up to 1500.). Virgin Mobile offers 1500 texts with their plan.

Visit the Straight Talk website to check out their phones and plans.
Visit the T-Mobile website to check out their phones and plans.
Visit the Virgin Mobile website to check out their phones and plans.

a. AT&T charges 10 cents per minute. They also offer an unlimited minutes plan for $50.
b. Boost Mobile charges 20 cents per minute. They also have an unlimited plan for $50 a month.
c. Kajeet offers a 300 minute card and the next highest amount of minutes they offer is an unlimited card.
d. MetroPCS only offers an unlimited minutes plan.
e. 900 minute card.
f. 5 cent per minute. This calculation does not include texts or web access which are extra.
g. 1500 minute card. This does not include any texts.
h. Two 450 minute cards at 79.99 each and a 120 minute card at 29.99.
i. 10 cents per minute. The offer an unlimited minutes plan for $50.
j. 900 minute monthly plan. They offer an unlimited minutes plan for $50, but it’s only for basic phones (not smartphones.)
k. 1500 minutes with the PayLo pay as you go plan.

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