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What is the cheapest prepaid cell phone plan?
The average cell phone customer uses about 450 minutes per month, but many people require much less than that. Some people are infrequent cell phone users and might use a fraction of the minutes the average customer uses.

  • Phone Service For EmergenciesSome folks just need a phone to take on a vacation or a road trip.
  • Some people just need a cell phone to stick in their glove box for emergency use, just in case the car breaks down.
  • Some folks might want to put a cell phone in their child’s backpack so that their child can call if they need a ride home from school or practice.
  • Some people already have a home phone that they use frequently, but might need a cell for driving around town.

Unfortunately, traditional contract cell phone service from the major carriers can be extremely expensive. Also, most traditional carriers don’t offer low minutes packages. Those people who might only need 100 or 200 minutes per month are stuck with expensive plans, paying for more minutes than they need.

Fortunately, prepaid cell phone providers offer low minute plans that are both cheap and flexible. So what is the absolute cheapest prepaid cell phone plan in the country?

The cheapest cell phone plan for infrequent users is PlatinumTel. PlatinumTel bills itself as “The Cheapest Pay as You Go” cell phone service.

PTEL MobileTheir Real PayGo plan offers five cents per minute pricing. The great feature of the Real PayGo plan is that the minutes expire one year from the time you put them on your phone. You will have to buy a new card every 90 days to keep the phone activated, but if you don’t use the minutes from the previous card, they roll over. So for example, say you use 150 minutes out of 200 over the course of 90 days. You’ll still have to buy another card to keep your service active, but those extra 50 minutes will roll over to the next 90 days.

Now here’s the cool part: PlatinumTel sells a $10 card!

At five cents per minute, that gives you 200 minutes to use for every $10 card. The cards are good for 90 days. So, since you have to buy a new card every three months to keep the phone active, you’ll have to buy four cards a year.

That’s $40 a year for cell phone service! That’s certainly the cheapest pay as you go cell phone plan in the country.

$.05 per minute X $10 = 200 minutes
(4) 90 day cards X 200 minutes = 800 minutes
(4) 90 day cards X $10 = $40 per year phone service!

Compare & Save with the Cheapest Pay-As-You-Go Wireless Service, Real Paygo.

Now 800 a year is not a lot, but it will work for people who use their phone infrequently. (If you need more minutes than this, but still need a really cheap plan, click here.)

The great thing about pre-paid cell phone service is that if you run out of minutes, or use more minutes than you had planned, just simply buy another card. It’s that easy! Prepaid cell phone plans are so much more convenient than the expensive contract plans sold by the big cell phone companies. PlatinumTel’s Real PayGo rate is only five cents a minute, so it’s very inexpensive to add more minutes if you need them.

So check out PlatinumTel’s Real PayGo prepaid plans for the cheapest prepaid cell phone in the country.

Website: Visit the PlatinumTel website.

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