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PTEL MobilePlatinumTel operates on the Sprint Network and they offer a per minute plan and a monthly unlimited minutes plan.

Per Minute Plan (Real Paygo)
PlatinumTel’s per minute prepaid plan is called Real Paygo. It differs significantly from per minute plans offered by other companies. Most per minute plans on the market charge a set price for a certain number of minutes, so for example, TracFone offers a 450 minute card for $79.99. PlatinumTel differs in that they charge a flat 5 cents per minute for talk, 2 cents per text, and 10 cents per megabyte of data. You charge your account with either a card purchased at a local retailer or you can set up an account online.

Unlimited Minutes Plans
They also offer two unlimited plans. You get unlimited talk, text, and data for $40 a month. It’s unlimited data, but only the first 250mb are high speed. The second plan, a $50 per month unlimited plan, is geared toward data users and it provides unlimited data with the first 2 GB of data delivered at high speeds.

Opinion: PlatinumTel provides the cheapest per minute rates in the country at 5 cents per minute. If you use just a handful of minutes per month, then PlatinumTel will be a great choice for you. Their basic unlimited minutes plan is also one of the cheapest in the country at $40 a month. I don’t think you can go wrong with PlatinumTel. One downside is that they don’t offer any cheap, entry level phones.

Website: Visit the PlatinumTel website.

PTEL Mobile $40 Unlimited Everything

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