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AT&TAT&T’s entry into the prepaid wireless industry is their Go Phone plan. The plan is pretty simple and offers basically 2 options, a pay as you go per-minute plan and several unlimited monthly plans. They offer a huge selection of phones ranging from the very basic to some really high end touch screen phones.

Pay As You Go

The per-minute plan is a flat 10 cents per minute. Texts are an additional 20 cents each. AT&T offers an optional unlimited text plan for $19.99 that can be added on top of the flat rate plan.

Monthly Plans

$25 per month, 250 Minutes

The $25 per month plan provides 250 minutes and unlimited text messages. This plan is priced at 10 cents per minute, but is a step up above the pay as you go plan because it offers unlimited text messages. Data is not included on this plan and costs extra.

$50 per month, Unlimited Minutes

The next monthly plan is the $50 unlimited minutes plan. For $50 a month you can get unlimited talk, text, and data.

$2 per day, Unlimited Minutes

AT&T’s daily plan is sort of a hybrid between the monthly plans and the pay as you go plan. Your account gets charged $2 on the days you use your phone. So, for example, if you make 1 call you get charged $2 for the day. If you make 1,000 calls you get charged $2 for the day. Talk and text messages are unlimited, but data costs extra. This plan costs roughly $60 per month, so if you know you’ll use your phone every day, then you would be better off going with the $50 unlimited monthly plan.

Opinion: The one advantage AT&T has over other prepaid plans is their $2 per day plan. If you know beforehand that you are going to use your phone for less than 20 days per month, which works out to a total of $40 a month, then the plan might make sense for you. The $2 a day plan is basically an unlimited minutes plan (unlimited minutes on the days you use it), and the cheapest unlimited monthly plan in the country right now is MetroPCS plan for $40, so if can assure you will use your phone for less than 20 days a month, you will wind up saving money with this plan.

Website: Visit the AT&T website.

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