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When you know how many minutes of airtime a month you use, then check out the comparisons below to find the cheapest plan. We’ve gone through every cell phone provider’s plans to determine the cost at each level of minute usage. The average cell phone customer uses about 450 minutes of airtime per month, so we’ve compared the plans at 4 different levels of cell phone use.

  1. Compare 200 Minute Plans. Infrequent Use. If you are an infrequent cell phone user, if you only use your cell phone for emergencies or occasional use, then 200 minutes per month might be a level of minutes to consider. To compare the cost of 200 minute plans, click here.
  2. Compare 500 Minute Plans. Average Use. The average cell phone customer uses about 450 minutes per month. Most prepaid cell phone companies offer 500 minute plans, so this level of use would give you enough minutes plus a few extra for emergencies. To compare the cost of 500 minute plans, click here.
  3. Compare 1000 Minute Plans. Heavy Use. You will require a 1000 minute plan if you are a heavy cell phone user or if you use your cell phone as your primary phone (i.e. you don’t have a home phone.) To compare the cost of 1000 minute plans, click here.
  4. Compare Unlimited Minute Plans. Very Heavy Use. If you talk on the phone quite a bit, if you use your phone for business purposes, or if this phone is for a teenager, then you will need an unlimited minutes plan. Don’t worry – most prepaid unlimited minutes plans are actually cheaper than many contract plans. To compare the cost of unlimited minute plans, click here.

The great feature of prepaid cell phone plans is that you can easily add minutes when you use them up. If you use up your minutes before the activation period ends, then simply buy another card and refill your phone. If you find you are consistently going over your minutes at a certain level, then simply switch to the next level of use. The convenience of a prepaid cell phone plans is that, unlike contract plans, you can change your level of usage – up or down – at any time. You simply buy a different card.

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